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About Pender

Pender is a songwriter and singer from Limburg, The Netherlands. Mainly influenced by The Beatles, Sting, Paul Simon and Dire Straits, Pender blends these styles with his own, always putting focus on his distinctively clear voice.

His music has an overall poppy sound, while his lyrics describe mondain issues such as love, work, environment, and family life with transparency and integrity.


Current Activities

Rewind is one of Pender’s latest releases, a Diane Birch cover which exemplifies his do-it-yourself recording style: playing all instruments and singing all vocals himself. This technique proved successful when Diane Birch called Pender’s version ‘…wonderful. I am so honored and you’ve really touched my heart with your beautiful rendition.’

Meanwhile, Pender is working on his debut EP, which will follow up on his very first batch of solo songs, the Oker Sessions, a collection of live studio recordings which uses only the essence of a voice and a guitar.



Pender started learning guitar at age seventeen, and was singing and playing Paul Simon tunes a year later. His first one-stage experience came when he formed a punk-rock band called Doofus (later changed to Dufus), playing over 300 shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Since 2004, Pender is the lead singer and bass player for indie rock band Exit31. Their first two albums were recorded at Wisseloord Studio (NL) and The Bamboo Room (USA). The latter of which took the band to live venues across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana in 2006 and 2007. Exit31 are currently promoting their fourth studio album, ‘WOOD’.

Pender’s first solo songs started appearing online in 2011. These ‘not-fit-for-a-rock-band’ tracks needed a way out into the world, and so a new singer-songwriter was born. In late 2013 / early 2014, Pender won the Ballads ’n Blues contest for singer-songwriters, resulting in a string of shows and radio performances.


The Future

As you read this, Pender is working on some 20+ original songs. Some of these will feature on his upcoming debut EP, while others might be single releases.