So Long artwork

So Long (87 Days)

Band :
Title : So Long (87 Days)
Release Date : augustus 25, 2013
Label :
Format : Digital Download



Written, recorded and produced by Ivo Penders  |  All instruments and vocals by Ivo Penders  |  Mixed and mastered by Peter @ Studio Haverkamp

“I wrote So Long after a break-up. Setting a scene where the character in the song spends some time in solitude on a sunny beach, far away from his usual surroundings, expressed the liberation that I felt at the time. The title has a double meaning: I took me so long to get out of this relationship, and now I can finally say “So long“. I like that.”

I got so much time to waste
There ain’t nothing here to do
And my melodies are laced
With the memory of you

It’s been 87 days
since I came here on my own
Since we went our seperate ways
Since I threw away that phone

So Long, So Long
So Long, So Long

I’ve been lying on the beach
Sipping cocktails in the sun
Far from everybody’s reach
Having solitary fun

So Long, So Long So Long, So Long
So Long, So Long So Long, So Long

I got everything I need
I’m no longer in your debt
No more following your lead
I’ll forgive but I won’t forget

So Long, So Long So Long, So Long
So Long (etc.)